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First love First love

Rated 3 / 5 stars

First off, I think the strongest thing about this piece is the way you drew the hair. It flows very nicely.
However I think you need to work on your proportions. The head is much too big for the body, the shoulders look tiny. I think anatomy wise what you should have done is made the head smaller and moved the shoulder position, it does not look right where it is.
The boob also does not look like a boob? I think the main problem again is proportion since it is too far up, but the shape is too... blobby? It's hard to describe in writing but, pretty much what you have drawn is
> curve > nipple > continuing on the curve
when it should be
> slope > nipple >curve
If that makes sense...
Like I said, the hair is well drawn, and your colouring isn't bad either, but I think you should reconsider your colour palette. I don't think greens and hot pinks work well as streaks (unless it is dyed hair and that's intentional? if so then ignore that comment).
Another thing (and I've noticed this in your other works) - don't use premade photoshop brushes!! I noticed you did this with your trees. It does not look good, if I'm going to be frank it makes it look very cheap. Look up some tutorials on how to paint trees, it will look a LOT better and be better for you in the long run.
Something I really like however is you have nice attention to detail. I especially like she shadows from the falling petals on the girl. I don't think it adds too much to the picture overall but once you notice it, it is a nice and subtle touch.
Anyway, good job, keep it up! (:

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Archil responds:

The hair supposed to be colorful. But it's my bad, if people can't see it clearly... ^^"
and: I AM NOT GOOD WITH BACKGROUNDS! I can do NOTHING to change it! *sob sob*
however, your comment is really means a lot to me. I read it all and I'll do my best to get better every-time (except for the background! I don't think any tutorial can help me to with it X_X)
Thank you very much! <3

Pale Pale

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ohhh, very nice!!
Personally I prefer the bottom one because it leaves a little more to the imagination (and who doesn't like lingerie?!) and her expression is a lot more... I don't know, interesting I guess?
Either way, both look great, but that's just my personal opinion (:
Great work as usual.

Don't cry Fluttershy Don't cry Fluttershy

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Cute interpretation

Well, hidoi doesn't mean "that was mean", it just means "horrible", "terrible", etc. Depending on the context it can be implied it's calling something mean, like saying "terrible" instead of saying "oh wow, that was terrible!".
I can't really tell if this was supposed to be chibi or not. I'm going to lean and say that it was, and if so, then I think you should reconsider the neck length and breast size (it looks a little odd for chibi). The body should also be a bit smaller, and the torso is too long for the legs/skirt, I feel.
The hairline looks a little odd and the wings are kind of lobsided. Her ear looks a little strange, too.
I have to agree with below, it does seem a bit odd to have Fluttershy with random Japanese since she is not a Japanese character. The Japanese itself I feel would just look out of place no matter the character, though. It makes for a strange looking background.
Your interpretation of Fluttershy is very cute, though! She's wearing the same clothes I'd imagine a human form of her to wear and her hair is spot on! The expression is also very timid/shy/weak, which is perfect for Fluttershy's character.
So all in all, keep it up! There are some good and not so good points but all in all I feel you'll improve in no time if you keep trying :) Good job!

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Imitation Black Imitation Black

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great textures

I really love the colours and textures you used in this! The expression on Hachi's face is especially good in my opinion. I also see you're putting more detail in the clothes in this piece, this is definately your best to date. The ribbons are a really nice touch, too! In terms of critique, try and put more detail in the black parts of the clothes (like on the bottom of Hachi's dress, it looks a bit flat) and that Coco's neck looks a little bit too long. Good job though, it looks really good!

KP: Mikan Sweets KP: Mikan Sweets

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice athmosphere

It's good, but I definately would have given you a much higher score if not for how bright it is, you went a little overboard, I think. Don't get discouraged though, just remember for next time! : >

Happy Christmas Happy Christmas

Rated 3 / 5 stars

soft and sweet

This looks really sweet! Her face is cute and soft, which is something I really love and is hard to capture. I don't feel I shout critique this because it looks like unfinished work, so I don't think this shows your full ability. I wish, you had, though, so I could have given you a higher score! Sorry! I do honestly like the picture, though.

Sonic and Amy Space Grinding Sonic and Amy Space Grinding

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

Well, you have a good sense of athmosphere and a nice way of making a scene out of a picture which sadly most people are too lazy to achieve. So GJ, I can tell you're putting in effort here.
Hmm... Well, I think you need to work on your anatomy and hands the most. Like, they look very squashed together and sort of lobsided. If you're having trouble getting it looking even, here's a tip - flip the canvas horizontally as it's easier to see where you're going wrong (I know, it's very difficult to see mistakes when you yourself are drawing it!)
Another thing to try and work on is your colour palette, your colours are a little dull, try and use more vibrant colours, it'd look a lot more pleasing to the eye!
Do you use layers? If not, try and use them. Look up tutorials about layers and clipping masks (they're very handy!)
Either way, keep it up! You seem like a person who is trying to improve, so I'm sure you'll try and take those things into consideration.

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The Titan of Nitro The Titan of Nitro

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Awesome! It has a great athmosphere about it! Really like something out of a horror or gore film. Well done Shad!

TheShadling responds:

Aw, you are too kind.

Sexy Charlotte Sexy Charlotte

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Hey there ^^ I draw anime too, so I thought you might appreciate a little critique from me.

To be honest, the pose doesn't make a lot of sense. You can say what you want about "weird angles" etc, but trust me, I draw weird angles all the time, and the anatomy never suffers for it. There's something off about the anatomy, you can deny it all you want, but it won't improve the anatomy of the picture. Please accept that.

I did see someone comment this was traced. Now, I have never seen the original picture this person is claiming you traced, but I am going to believe there was in fact an original picture and you have redrawn it.

I need to stress this, I'm not trying to be mean, but I HAVE to stress this;


Look, it's okay to use a reference sometimes if you get stuck, sometimes I need to reference hands and certain things too. BUT, I am only using it for little things like that. When you redraw someone's picture, it /NEVER/ looks good. It looks bad and to be honest it's very easy to tell when something is redrawn from something else, usually the standards of colouring do not match how good the drawing is. Just a heads up.

So now I'll give you an indepth description of what's wrong with the anatomy. PLEASE listen to what I am saying. It's not having an untrained eye. This is what's wrong with the picture. I can understand that you, as the person who drew it, cannot see these flaws, but they exist. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can improve.

First off, I thought the most noticable thing was the torso. It's facing an entirely different direction to where her butt is positioned. In real life, this pose would not make sense.
That's a really important thing in drawing, you have to draw what you see, NOT what your mind percieves should be correct. So when drawing, always try to think to yourself "can I or anyone else actually correctly do this pose if tried?" It helps me when I get stuck on awkward anatomy.
The legs aren't awful, but they are awkward. Again, they're going a different angle to the butt and torso. That's kind of what makes them awkward. I've already explain that though, so no point going over it again.
The breasts are too high up to be honest. I can't really tell though if that's a result of her lying down or not, so I guess it's passable.
The feet are, I'm sorry, very, very awkward. I actually used to draw high heels the same way. But you have to keep practicing until you get it right. Try and use a reference for high heels next time, trust me, it helps!
The part where her underwear is going between her legs is too even. Look at underwear or bikinis. They go thin near the middle, and get wider towards the butt.

In terms of shading, use WAY darker colours. It's barely noticable. Darker shades really help it stand out more.
For the hair, try to think of it realistically. Take it as strands coming from 1 central direction. Study hair in real life, it's always the best way to see the form of the hair. I'm always told hair is probably what's best about my work, so hopefully my advice will help you out.

Anyway, sorry for the TL;DR critique. Hopefully though my advice will be helpful to you in someway.

Good luck!

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DragonPunch responds:

Yeah, I see what you're saying...I'll do better next time. BUT, this is my character. I came up with this character, and she is mine. No one's work was stolen, or anything. I need to stress a point too: ALL OF MY WORK IS ORIGINAL! I THOUGHT OF IT, I CREATED IT, THEREFORE, IT IS MINE. NEVER WILL I EVER STEAL ANYONE ELSE'S WORK AND CLAIM IT AS MY OWN. I will not do that. Plagiarism is completely against my policy, always has been, always will.

Naera Sketch Naera Sketch

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Honestly, it looks wonderful. The compositon, the colour use, the shading, it's pretty much completely spot on. If I had to give any critique, I guess you might want to look at her arm, it looks a tad awkward. But other than that, really good job, it's seriously awesome.

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