Entry #27

Just a note

2013-02-24 18:29:09 by suwako

So it seems weekly I get these messages so I feel the need to make this journal... but guys sorry, I don't take requests, it's commissions only ;; I'm flattered people want me to work on their projects but if it's not paid I just don't have the free time to do it. A lot of these projects are really lengthy so it's just not feasible for me. I'm sorry.

Here, have a classy Kero to make up for it.

Just a note


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2013-02-25 13:01:04

Perfectly reasonable you should be paid for your good works. Speaking of which, we does one go to check on your commission rates/subject matter/etc?


2014-01-09 19:12:59

Aww, you're not coming back here?!


2014-08-07 20:24:33

It's sort of a shame you don't post here anymore. You have artist's block so bad that you don't even post on deviantart anymore. It's a shame because you've changed by life - did you know that? You introduced me to Vocaloid, made me give anime a 2nd chance and that chain reaction lead to my first love. you've changed my life and I thank you for it. You may not ever read this but if you do then thank you.