Emergency Commissions

2012-12-07 05:56:20 by suwako

Hi guys. It's rare I'd ever ask for help on here, but I'm really stuck right now. Basically, I'm in desperate need of money. I need it for rent/bills/materials for college and I don't have really any other options to get money. I don't like doing things like this but I hope you guys might help me in my time of need, I'd really appreciate it.

My list of prices and examples are this way: http://jadelaunders.deviantart.com/journal/Emerg ency-Commissions-341611448



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2012-12-07 08:57:48

I needed an artist for something, and you're good at what you do with resonable prices, but I only pay via M.O., and am looking for a more "american" style of artwork...

Good luck though, hope things turn out for you...