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Just a note

2013-02-24 18:29:09 by suwako

So it seems weekly I get these messages so I feel the need to make this journal... but guys sorry, I don't take requests, it's commissions only ;; I'm flattered people want me to work on their projects but if it's not paid I just don't have the free time to do it. A lot of these projects are really lengthy so it's just not feasible for me. I'm sorry.

Here, have a classy Kero to make up for it.

Just a note

Emergency Commissions

2012-12-07 05:56:20 by suwako

Hi guys. It's rare I'd ever ask for help on here, but I'm really stuck right now. Basically, I'm in desperate need of money. I need it for rent/bills/materials for college and I don't have really any other options to get money. I don't like doing things like this but I hope you guys might help me in my time of need, I'd really appreciate it.

My list of prices and examples are this way: ency-Commissions-341611448



2012-11-20 08:00:17 by suwako

Hi guys! Long time no update, huh?
I am back now. Basically, Newgrounds was blocked on the internet I've been using the last few months... but I've moved in to a new place with a new connection, so it's not blocked anymore!
I haven't been doing much... still in college. I'm working 2 jobs now though, and juggling all that with a social life is sort of exhausting!
Anyway, I hope to be uploading more here in the future. I haven't drawn an actual full illustration in so long... I want to get back to drawing and improving again. I'm stuck in art purgatory I think.

I'll just leave this here

2012-02-04 21:28:23 by suwako


2011-12-18 21:34:55 by suwako

Hi again... it's been a long time since I've updated, so I think this is overdue.

First of all, apologies for the lack of updates. This year has been a very emotional one, to say the least.
I started college in September. I'm studying animation. I'm really excited, the course is good and everyone in the class is pretty awesome, it's a great enviroment to be in.
Living by myself has been good too, it's a tiny bit strange to move out and not live with your family, but I've adjusted very quickly. I live in the city now (I used to live in the countryside) and it's a completely different world here, everything is so hectic and there is so much to do! I'm enjoying it a lot, though!
Life for me is always planned out now, either it's college, or the gym, or I have to go shopping, or friends want to hang out, or I have to travel to run errands, or I have to work on projects... it's a little difficult getting time to myself.
For the last... 3-4 months? I've been going through some stuff. It's messed me up quite a bit. I feel like such a whiner even saying this word, but that's the only way to describe it; I went through quite a depression basically. Just a lot of stuff stressing me out and I lost someone very close to me (don't worry, not a death). I'm still not 100% back on my feet but I'm doing much better. Time heals all wounds, I just have to wait now.
In the meantime, I've been trying to improve on my art. I'm trying other styles than anime lately because I really want to branch out (don't worry, I still love animu so lol).
Oh! In October, my friend Aaron came to stay with me for a few days!! He's from America but is spending a year studying in France, so because he's only a 2 hour flight away (I'm in Ireland) we decided to hang out for a few days during Halloween break! It was awesome! I met Aaron through the UTAU community (he's Mathieu Rosaire's creator) and have been good friends with him for over a year now! It was really exciting because I really didn't know what to expect, but I swear, it was like we'd known each other forever. There was no awkwardness or anything, we got on super well instantly! I've met online friends before (ones from Ireland) but this was my first international friend meet so it was really interesting. We both turned to each other and were like "well, it's good, now we know neither of us went to go meet a murderer or rapist!" ahaha.
I feel like I've changed a lot, too. I used to be VERY easily embarrassed, but now I really like... I guess I just don't give a fuck anymore. I really don't. Excuse my french, though. I'm also a lot more girly??? I was the type of person who never wore make up or cared too much about clothes etc (tomboyish I suppose), now it's not like that at all... I wear make up quite frequently and buy pretty girly clothes often (I wear more skirts than pants these days, which is weird). Never thought I'd see the day but lol here we are. Needless to say my mother is extremely pleased I'm not quite so boyish anymore...!! lmao. I still speak pretty... unladylike, to say the least. So I suppose that's something, haha.

Not much else to say I guess.

Oh! I have started an ask blog though incase anyone was interested in seeing that. They are just doodles so I don't really upload them anywhere apart from there, though.
http://asksilver-the-hedgehog.tumblr.c om/

If anyone is ever looking for me again, here are some links incase you want/need to get in contact with me (I really like newgrounds, I'd love to say "I'll update it!" but I've said it before and not done it. I will try, though. but the links below are always guaranteed.)


That's it for now, I suppose...! If I need to say anything, I guess I'll update again. Feel free to comment.


Long time no update

2011-05-25 22:02:28 by suwako

Aha, I'm not sure what to say ; ;

Not much has changed life-wise... still boring as usual. Although, I'm starting college in September, I'm really looking forward to that! It'll be scary but fun too, I hope. I hope my art will improve more too, I feel like I've gotten so awful this last while. I really don't have a lot of motivation anymore but I really want to feel inspired again...

I also really want to work on my anatomy and style a lot, I feel like it's so... dead. BGs too.

I need to post more on newgrounds, I miss the crit I got here a lot, it really helped me improve.

Also, I'm looking to get better at writing music... maybe I should start posting in the forums to see if they have any tips... it's kind of intimidating though aha ; ;

That's all for now! I'll try to post more in the future, I always get lots of PMs asking me if I'm still alive lol. I'll try and change that.

Happy Valentines Day + VB Release

2011-02-14 00:08:34 by suwako

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Thought I would make an update :>
So, unfortunetly, I don't have any "moe uguu kawaii" girls to upload lately, because I've been spending my time developing a male UTAU voice.
I released him a few hours ago lol. He's voiced by me, and his name is Foley. Personally, I'm kind of suprised that he sounds like a boy, considering my voice is quite girly xDDDD

Anyway, here's his release video, I thought maybe some of you would be interested ;w; Enjoy!

Happy Valentines Day + VB Release

3D models

2011-01-24 14:31:11 by suwako

Sorry, I forgot to post about this!

Recently, 3D models of some of my UTAU characters were created for the animation software MikuMikuDance! It's really cool to see my own characters like this, I'm having a lot of fun using the software.
Here are some videos showing them, please enjoy!

3D models

Cheap commissions!

2010-11-26 17:47:52 by suwako

I want to save up to buy family and friends Christmas presents, so I've opened up cheap commissions!

They're going pretty cheap in comparison to my normal prices. Please check out my journal on DeviantArt! It has all the details. If you're interested, PM me here, if you'd like! rnal/36521372/

Cheap commissions!

Division --> Destruction of Hatsune Miku

2010-11-03 19:37:02 by suwako

I'll just leave this here...

I used my latest illustration for this song. The original composer is CosMo-P.

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