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Entry #27

Just a note

2/24/13 by suwako

So it seems weekly I get these messages so I feel the need to make this journal... but guys sorry, I don't take requests, it's commissions only ;; I'm flattered people want me to work on their projects but if it's not paid I just don't have the free time to do it. A lot of these projects are really lengthy so it's just not feasible for me. I'm sorry.

Here, have a classy Kero to make up for it.

Just a note


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It's sort of a shame you don't post here anymore. You have artist's block so bad that you don't even post on deviantart anymore. It's a shame because you've changed by life - did you know that? You introduced me to Vocaloid, made me give anime a 2nd chance and that chain reaction lead to my first love. you've changed my life and I thank you for it. You may not ever read this but if you do then thank you.

Aww, you're not coming back here?!



Perfectly reasonable you should be paid for your good works. Speaking of which, we does one go to check on your commission rates/subject matter/etc?